The Registrar's Office is proud to announce our public course schedule that can be viewed without password access.  We want to thank the IT department in working with us in providing an on-time look up to Wagner's semester course offerings.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Registrar's Office is to house, maintain, and protect the confidentiality of a student’s academic records which includes student scheduling, registration, processing of grades, graduation clearance, verification of enrollment and degree, and processing transcript requests.   We provide the entire Wagner College community with accurate academic information and support services, to monitor the implementation of and adherence to College academic policies, and to comply with all Federal and State regulations pertaining to the (FERPA) Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and the privacy rights of students

Our goal is to continue to make significant changes in the operations of the Wagner College’s Registrar Office in providing excellent customer service, continued improvement in our organization, and transparency in our communication in providing academic information to students, faculty and staff.

Wagner College is accredited by:

The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

3624 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-2680

Telephone: 215-662-5606

Fax: 215-662-5501

  • Fall semester registration starts for current students in late March and early April
  • Spring semester in late October and early November
  • Summer semester in March through May – many online course offerings
  • Advisement and registration for each semester occurs on dates designated in the College academic calendar
  • Instructions regarding registration procedures are available on the Registrar's webpage (http://wagner.edu/registrar)
  • Each student must meet with his or her faculty advisor. After meeting with the faculty advisor, the advisor clears the student in MyWagner, which enables the student to register online
  • Registration is for one term only
  • Students may not sit in on classes if they have not registered for either credit or audit and will be asked to leave the class. Students may not register for courses after the drop/add period

To apply as a visiting student at Wagner, please go here to fill out the application in Admissions:


To request a copy of your transcript, please go to our website: http://wagner.edu/registrar/transcripts/
and follow the directions:

For official transcripts, the Registrar's Office needs the following information: your name, address, telephone number, ID # or SSN, number of copies, complete third party address, and your signature. To request an official transcript to enclose in a mailing (self-managed application), the same information is needed as above, but the transcript will be stamped across the envelope seal and front upper left-hand corner. DO NOT OPEN. Enclose the envelope in with your application. Usually there is a 3 to 4 day turn around time. Transcripts can be requested by Fax with the above information and signature to (718) 390-3173 Please indicate a due date if there is a deadline.  The transcript is $10.00 per copy if you both have an undergraduate and graduate degree. To send overnight, we charge an extra $25.00 which is the standard UPS rate.

Registrar’s Office Hours:  8:30 to 4:30
Main Number:  718-390-3173
Fax Number:     718 390-3344

Cunard Hall, First Floor, One Campus Road, Staten Island, NY 10301


Athena Turner-Frederick – Registrar
(718) 390-3207

Academic Policy

Academic Committees

Master Class Schedule

APC Curriculum Committee

Web Page Maintenance

Academic Review       

Senior Review

Degree Audits



Art Toscano - Associate Registrar
(718) 390-3208

Federal/State Reporting

On-Campus Reporting

Graduation Preparation

Master Room Scheduling

Withdrawals/Leaves of Absence

Diploma Information/Ordering


Michaela Garcia– Registrar’s Assistant Manager
(718) 390-3473

Front Office Management

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Clearance for Transfer Credit

Course Withdrawals

AP Credit Evaluation

Incomplete Grades
Grade Changes


Nicole D’Agostino – Registrar’s Assistant I
(718) 390-3475

Front Office

Intake and Data Input

Enrollment Verification

Transcripts Requests

Degree Verify

Insurance Letters


Lucy Ruggieri-Lind Registrar’s Assistant II
(718) 390-3104

Transfer Credit Data Input

Intake and Data Input

Enrollment Verification

Transcripts Requests

Degree Verify

Insurance Letters